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IntroductionABOUT US

The competition, called PoleArt Hungary was first held in spring 2016 as the first international artistic pole dance competition in Hungary organized by Paradise Dance, Pole and Aerial Arts Academy and Women’s Paradise – Pole Dance and Aerial studio.

The main goal of Pole and Aerial Art Hungary is to promote and support artistic communication and stage performances through pole and aerial genres.

Pole and Aerial Art Hungary provides space for the development of talent, an opportunity for those who want to compete and/or show their skills, and who want to be on stage and display their world of emotions through dance and movement All participants will have the opportunity to present their personality, spirituality and creativity in the genre that suits them the best.

There are encounters that are inevitable.
There are destinies that intertwine and create together.
When a door closes, another gate opens.

They are inspired.
They belong together.
They trust.
They believe.
They create and they pass it on.

Spaces are opened so that lovers of the art of dance can create freely.
This is how Pole and Aerial art Hungary was born, tot he joy and benefit of all of us.

With love: Orsi & Niki